What Parents are Saying


Some of these are five-star reviews from Yelp, and some are comments culled from a questionnaire about the practice.

“We appreciate your detail in explaining….we never feel stupid asking questions, never feel rushed.”

“You remember things and, as a result, we don’t feel like a number.”

“Concierge care without the concierge fee!”

“We love your willingness to listen to parents and participate in an equal partnership with us to do the best thing for the child.”

From Donielle C.,
Novato, CA
What is a pediatrician? A pediatrician is a “healer of children”, one who we as parents must put our complete faith and trust in. A doctor who will tend to our children’s growth and health needs for many years.

 When my infant daughter was only six months old my husband’s company changed their medical plan and we were forced to leave a doctor we were very comfortable with and venture out to find another physician we could trust with our child’s health needs. As first time parents this was an incredibly challenging feat. I spoke with other parents, did research on Marin County pediatricians, and set up appointments to meet with “potential” new physicians. After several interviews I met with Dr. Ann Troy. After speaking with Dr. Troy for only a few moments I felt a calming connection with her. She was very articulate, extremely warm and friendly, and I knew immediately that I had found my daughter’s “healer.”

That was almost four years ago and I still to this day can’t believe how fortunate our family was to find Dr. Troy. She is such an advocate for children and what is best for their health and welfare. She listens carefully to my concerns and treats my daughter and her health needs as if she were Dr. Troy’s ONLY patient.

When my daughter was eighteen months old she was suffering with repeated respiratory problems and was diagnosed with asthma. This was a tremendous shock to my husband and I; we were terrified. With Dr. Troy’s reassuring and perceptive nature she drew us pictures, gave us helpful information to read, and enabled us to better understand this condition. She has taught me so much over the years. Thanks to her incredible insight and knowledge I now recognize the dangerous symptoms myself and can react to them immediately. Whenever I am concerned about a cough, fever, or “something is just not right” symptom with my daughter I know that when I call the office they will “squeeze” us in to be examined. And because Dr. Troy is the dedicated doctor she is, she will check in with us via phone to see how everything is going. She is always there for us. She truly is an incredible woman, a stellar physician, and my daughter’s outstanding “healer.”

When you enter Dr. Troy’s office, you immediately feel safe and secure. Her staff is very friendly and confident. And then of course there is wonderful “Buddy” a beautiful Golden Retriever who immediately calms and reassures the little ones that everything will be fine.

As parents we demand the best for our children and Dr. Ann Troy is the best you could ever give them.

“You are never in a rush and you make sure questions are answered. I love that you are very thorough.”

“I appreciate the undivided attention that my children receive. You are warm and attentive with them and they respond to you with trust (as I do)”

“Every visit seems so thorough. You spend much more time with my children than their previous doctor and I feel relaxed being able to ask questions without being rushed.”

“I love that you think about us for longer than the time we’re in front of you, that you care about the health of my boys as much as I do, that you listen…”

From Lisa F.
San Rafael, CA
If you are looking for an incredibly caring, sensitive and warm pediatrician for your children, make an appointment to see Dr Troy.

 We have two sons, 7 and almost 2. We were lucky enough to find Dr Troy when we moved to the area 4 years ago. Unlike many physicians you come into contact with, Dr Troy makes extensive time for her patients, is very judicious with her diagnoses, and makes children feel incredibly comfortable. She is amazingly thorough, and really talks to you about the why’s behind her opinions. I have always felt so much relief taking our boys in when they are sick.

Her office is warm and kid-friendly. The waiting room is filled with beautiful artwork warmly shared from her patients; each exam room has a stack of children’s books and magazines; she deftly distracts little ones with her “magic wands” and then there’s her gentle office companion, Buddy – a couldn’t-be-sweeter Golden Retriever who puts every child at ease!

Probably the best indicator of a great physician (and one quality you just can’t find anymore) is one who is proactive. Several years ago, after hearing about some cold symptoms that were keeping our older son up at night coughing, Dr Troy examined him and gave us some valuable information on asthma. She prescribed a rescue inhaler and educated us about the prevalence of asthma in children. His situation was never really severe until one night, when he woke up in a panic because he couldn’t breathe. My husband and I grabbed the inhaler Dr Troy had proactively prescribed and just minutes later, our son was breathing steadily again. What could have been a night of sheer panic and a race to the ER, became a very controllable episode, thanks to Dr Troy’s preemptive wisdom.

We were so grateful for her insight and advice!

When our youngest son was born almost two years ago, she visited him in the hospital and gently reminded us about all the things we needed to remember about babies (amazing how much you forget in 5 years!) She gave us every assurance that he was “perfect”. What more could parents want to hear about their newborn?

 In well baby/child visits, she always makes us proud of our boys and how they are doing. She is balanced and never alarmist. She breeds confidence and not once has made us feel like we are being too careful or paranoid about our concerns about our sons.

She has kept her practice very intimate intentionally. She could have joined an HMO long ago, which would have been far more lucrative for her, but she enjoys the ability to make a connection with her patients and families, and as a recent letter from her (which she sends often to her families) stated “…I love watching your children grow up and love knowing that sometimes I can make a real difference in a child’s life.” When was the last time you heard or felt that from a pediatrician you spoke to?

Dr Troy also has a great support network that we have relied upon at key times. Her office staff is always gracious and cordial; her billing contacts were incredibly helpful to me when I once had issues with my insurance, and on a recent trip we took out of town, when our youngest son had a middle-of-the-night fever scare, her after-hours physician network came to the rescue.

I’m constantly grateful that we have such an amazing physician whom our sons and my husband and I trust so much. Put your trust in Dr Troy – you (and your children) will be happy you did.

“Dr. Troy, you should Google yourself. You get rave reviews!”

“You practice from your heart and not from your wallet.”

“You take your time; you are very thorough and, as a result, provide excellent care.”

from Sara M.,
San Rafael, CA
Because of my insurance, I had to pick a pediatrician online from a very long list of pediatricians I had never met.  I picked Dr. Troy because of her location and hoped for the best.  I took my daughter for her first visit when she was 6 months old and immediately fell in love with Dr. Troy.  She is not only extremely knowledgeable but also very good with children.  She is one of the few physicians left who have their own practice and who does not charge a ridiculous yearly fee to join the practice.  Because she has her own practice, she can spend the appropriate amount of time needed to care for your child.  She is very thorough in her examination of each patient.  I now have 2 children and they have both had medical problems that have needed a physician who will take the time to evaluate the problem and figure out the best treatment necessary.  She spent many hours outside of our appointments to research the disease states and determine the best treatment.  Both of my children are happy and healthy girls thanks to Dr. Troy.  She also has a very cute dog named Buddy, whom my children look forward to seeing every time they go for checkups.  Dr. Troy is very dedicated to her profession and it shows.  She has written many articles on the health care system and her ideas on how we can improve it with a single payor system so that health care will be available to all.  She has many years of experience and has built many relationships with other physicians whom she consults with and refers patients who are in need of a specialists care.  I look forward to my children growing up under her care.

“We love the undivided attention you give us. We love the small size of your office…we never get lost in the big office machine.”

“You operate with a level of concern, compassion, and understanding unlike any other doctor I’ve ever seen.”