About Dr. Troy

I was born in New York City and grew up all over the country.  I went to Mount Holyoke College, spent my junior year abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, majored in psychology and minored in romance languages.  I did graduate work in psychology at Harvard, medical school at U. of Rochester, pediatric internship at Dartmouth, and residency at U.C. Davis.

I am board certified in pediatrics and have had over 20 years experience.   I love having my own office and being able to be the kind of doctor I’d want to go to myself, one who takes time to do her job well.  I also love the long term relationships I’ve had with families, watching children grow up, and knowing that sometimes I make a real difference in their lives.

My road not taken in life is international relations.  I have lived and traveled all over the world (in over 50 countries) and speak both French and Spanish.  I love meeting people from different cultures and have had patients in my practice from 70 different countries.

In addition to my love of pediatrics and travel, I love good food, art, the beauty of nature, reading, swimming, hiking, and good conversations.   I wish I were three people so I could have time for it all!