Fees for office visits, vaccines, labs, procedures, and treatments vary depending on the amount of time spent (for office visits) and your insurance company’s contracted rate.

There is a nominal charge for phone advice, usually less than what an office visit would cost and, usually, not paid by insurance companies. I do not charge for brief calls (e.g. “Is his tetanus shot up to date?”, “When was the last physical?”) but I do charge for those calls that save you the expense and inconvenience of an office visit (e.g. discussing the home management of an illness). Why? Because the overhead clock continues to tick at the rate of $120 an hour and if I don’t bill for my time, I can’t stay in business. I will not charge you if the call results in an office visit or is related to an office visit that occurred in the previous few days (e.g. something is not clear, you have a question about the medication, etc.). There is no charge if I call you because I’m worried about your child or need more information.

We charge $10 to $20 for copying medical records, more if it’s a thick chart and you want all of it. Most doctors only want a summary, vaccine and growth records, letters from specialists, and recent notes and labs.